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‘The future we steer, together we have nothing to fear. We have a single mission- to protect the planet and hand it to the next generation”.

Activity:  Awareness Campaign

Classes:  VI- VIII

‘Grandfather saw it in Rivers; Father saw it in Wells; We saw it in Taps; Our children see it in Bottles. Where will our grandchildren see it? In  Capsules????? If we still neglect, we may see it in the tears we shed’.

 Become Water Warriors

Sony Pictures Network and Lead India campaigned to engage the students meaningfully to stop water wastage and encourage water conservation. The resource person initiated the massive awareness and sensitization progamme with the sole aim to inculcate a strong sense of conservation and sensitivity towards environmental concerns at an early age. The workshop familiarized the children with day to day water usage  and wastage and ascertained the fact that although water is a renewable resource yet  the difference between consumption and generation is way too high to bridge the gap. The students realized that the issue which was earlier limited to books has now started touching our lives. The workshop enabled their creativity to conserve water regularly through interactive and entertaining means wherein the students wrote slogans to save water for future generations, made water banks to store water and pledged to use left over water of the water bottles. Students were given the responsibility of spreading awareness and keeping a check in the school for running taps or water wastage. These water warriors promised to be committed to the cause.