Social Initiatives

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The world is in a stage of continuous flux where terms like socio economic strata, nationalism, me and mine are being replaced by one country and one universe.  In the current environment of global warming, each one of us must contribute our tiny bit to help save our country and hence the universe.  We teach our students to be conscientious, proud Indian citizens by giving them hand on experience of community service.  They are taught to respect and care for their elders and those less fortunate than them.
Our students are encouraged to participate in:
a)    planting more trees
b)    keeping the surroundings clean
c)    pollution free environment
d)    each one teach one
e)    cracker free Diwali
f)    helping the needy in kind

All educational institutions function on the fundamental principle of grooming the minds of the future generations. With this profound responsibility, an educational institution thus becomes the epicenter of all social initiatives undertaken in order to sensitize students towards the underprivileged in society. Our school is engaged in a series of such ventures that involve the active participation of students thereby inculcating in them a sense of ethos and humane concern.

  • The school makes provision for free education of children from the SOS Childrens’ Villages of India. Presently, nearly thirty children from the SOS Childrens’ Village of Bawana are pursuing their education in our school.

  • Annual donations are made to the All India Confederation of the Blind, Sector 5, Rohini. In addition to this, funds are also contributed by collecting old newspapers under their GROWL scheme.

  • Creating a support system for the underprivileged is one of the moral obligations to be fulfilled at all costs. The school makes an annual donation of books to HT PACE’s Great Wall of Education and KATHA.

  • Dainik Jagran celebrates the national festival of Raksha Bandhan by collecting Rakhi/ Greeting Cards from schools and sending them to our brave jawans who constantly battle hardships at the frontier so that we can live in peace and safety. Our students actively participate in this endeavour and their hand made creations are collected and further sent to various units of Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Security Force, Coast Guard, National Security Guard, Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Police and Rashtra Seema Bal.

  • Children of today are the guardians of tomorrow. It becomes our prime duty to create in their minds a respect for the planet. The School Eco Club fulfils this responsibility by engaging students in activities that foster the spirit of reverence for our Mother Earth. ‘Green Week’ was celebrated in which a series of competitions were organised to check their earnestness. List of activities conducted in the course of session:

      • Environment analysis –analysis biotic & abiotic components.

      • Thinking together acting alone.

      • Field Survey- Condition of cleanliness, drainage system of school water supply and taps/ Water audit at home/ Designing water efficient devices.

      • Me & my environment- importance of using renewable sources of energy.

      • List of environmentally important days /An eco friendly birthday party.

      • Nature Trail/ Humans- their interaction with other components of environment.

      • Ways of waste disposal- Use of Green & Blue Bin.

      • Land development versus Wildlife population/ Appreciation of Life forms.

      • Sustainable houses/ An environment friendly layout of ‘Green Building’.

      • Situation Analysis/ Be aware of our Carbon emission Survey at home and locality.

      • Quiz - who am I? / Role playing/ Puppet Show/ Environment Crossword.

      • Poster Making- Live in eco friendly environment/ Pamphlets/ Riddles

      • Paste / Draw pictures of objects causes CO2 emissions.

      • Collage work – Renewable & non –renewable resources


Disaster management

To be in a state of readiness in facing any untoward eventuality, the school’s Disaster Management Committee carries out ‘Mock drills’ from time to time. The staff and students are well adept in observing all the requisite specifications in the fire, earthquake and the hostage situation. In addition to this, a demonstration was arranged to familiarize everyone in handling fire fighting equipment. The school actively participates in activities organised by the National Institute of Disaster Management.

Hazard/ Peril Alarm Flag Colour Response
1) Earthquake Ambulance Siren Blue Flag Drop, Cover and hold
2) Fire Gong Red Flag Evacuate
3) Hostage Situation Om Sound Yellow Flag Bolt, Duck and Hold
4) Chemical Situation Vande Matram Green Flag Drop, Wet hanky, Cover nose, Lie low