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Kindergarten (8:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.), for the tiny tots, is a gateway to a new world. Pre school is an initiation to set their thoughts into a new pattern on entering the hitherto unfamiliar world of books, friends and teachers. The play way and activity approach forms the framework around which basic skills of recognition and reading are laid out for quick perception. Group interaction and activities pave way for better adaptability and understanding.

The young saplings are nurtured under the tender and caring hands of their teachers just like an oyster nurtures a pearl gently. An activity based approach to learning is followed in the school. Primary years are the formative years where opportunity is provided to them to be active learners. Group activities are organized for them that enhance their physical growth and develop skills like reading, writing through aids like picture and story telling books, building blocks etc. All the class rooms are theme ornate.