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Craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision

Classes I and II      

Activity:   Enhance dexterity and self-expression                                           

The joy and excitement experienced by the tiny tots after watching the PPT and documentaries was utilized in bringing out their creative skills. They enthusiastically made greeting cards for Eid with moons and stars, Diwali cards with diyas and sweets, Christmas cards with Christmas trees and Santa Claus. The human emotions of joy, gratitude, sympathy, love and admiration were lovingly crafted by the tiny hands and were exchanged with equal fervor. Their excitement knew np bounds when they were involved in preparing the puja thali and decorating diyas with stars and glitter. The Christmas tree wad also decorated with sweets, candles and gifts by the young ones.. During the craft lessons, the students learnt perseverance, patience, creativity, innovativeness, problem solving process and to work independently. The aim of the activity was to develop fine motor skills, enhance dexterity and self-expression, improve hand-eye coordination, help in socializing and boost confidence