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Collage is making memories not just having fun

Classes I and II    

Activity: Hands-On Experience                                                                                   

India is a land of festivals and the festivals of Dubai and USA namely Eid and Christmas are celebrated with equal fervor along with India’s major festival Diwali. A month long celebration of understanding and appreciating the culture of festivals that are celebrated universally, started with collage making. The Collage Making Activity was initiated to sensitize the tiny tots that people all over the world celebrate festivals with religious fervor to promote tolerance and love for all races and creed. The students though unaware of the countries were excited and curious to paste the cutouts of the different dresses worn during the festivities, the related cuisines, dances, specific attire and rituals observed during the festivities on the cutout maps of India, USA and Dubai. The aim of the activity was to gain in-depth knowledge of festivals celebrated in our country and the countries of study to understand their significance.