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‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’.

Class VIII

The students interacted with Narayanganj Ideal School, Bangladesh through Skype. The session was organized to enable the students to develop appropriate skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding of the Water- Electricity nexus and the problems faced by people across the globe. The students discussed the activities and projects proposed, completed and exchanged them for further case study. The partner country appreciated the initiatives taken by the students and management and proposed to show the skit ‘Save Water-Save Future’ to their students. They were highly impressed by the check lists sent and showed enthusiasm in implementing them in their school too. The introduction to MUN Activity to be held the next day was explained. The Partner school requested the MUN activity to be sent to them. They also discussed their commitment to the cause, exchanged their ideas and gave a detailed account of the activities conducted by them. Their door to door campaign and survey called for admiration. The students cross questioned each other to get a better understanding of the work of the authorities and government to meet the challenge faced by people. Both schools pledged to be committed for the cause and promised to be in touch for future collaborations. The activity enabled them to increase their knowledge, interact with cross culture and polish their language skills.