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Sharing knowledge along with motivation is the best way to educate the students’

Activity: Power Point Presentation

Classes: VI- VIII

The ISA activity started with the Power Point Presentation to create awareness on the water-energy nexus, the environmental challenges and the need to become environmentally conscious citizens. Contemporaneous with the ongoing CBSE SEWA project, the presentation aimed to equip the students with appropriate skills to address and take necessary action on the global environmental issue of conservation of water and electricity   in pursuit of a better quality of life in the new millennium.  They were shown the collective data analysis and survey report on the deteriorating condition of the blue planet and the urgent need for them to take a wakeup call and be the Champions and leaders and by taking initiative to save water and electricity. Enthusiastic students were recruited as Water Warriors and Light Patrol in the brigade. The presentation also took them on a journey from a resplendent past to   a gory future staring ahead in the wake of water scarcity. The aim was not just to create a visual image of the consequences but also to spread awareness and make each child take responsibility and be a stake holder. The students were urged on the need for conservation which is the cleanest and least expensive way to increase water and electricity system capacity. They were also briefed about water and electricity saving techniques that could easily be implemented in our daily lives. They were handed out water and electricity conservation checklists and also updated about the various activities to be conducted during the month.