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‘Solar Power- the infinite power that is free to use all day everyday’.


The students of the Light Patrol brigade were taken to the school roof top to understand the working of the solar panel that has been installed by NDPL. Mr. Jai the resource person explained that the flat expansive roof was ideal for the solar panel installation because in addition to providing plenty of open unshaded space for the panel to work to their highest potential it also helps to absorb maximum solar energy. The panel, he added was mounted on a bracket  angled between 30°-60° to  ensure the optimum efficiency of the solar panels. He informed the students that the solar panels contained Photovoltaic cells that collected light particles i.e. photons from the sun and then these were used to produce electricity. When photons from a light hit the upper surface of the solar panel, it excites some of the electrons which break them loose from the atoms they were attached to. Due to excitation, electrons jump into the upper part of the solar panel. This movement of the electrons creates a potential difference in the solar panel and direct current starts to flow in it. The inverter installed then converts the DC current produced by the solar panels into usable AC power that is generated through the grid. The resource person also informed the students that such installations help to reduce the electricity cost and at the same time tap the abundant renewable energy resource. He urged the students to be the harbingers of change and motivate people in the transition from using  the conventional to going  solar. The Light Patrol brigade then went to all the classes to explain the benefits of solar energy and urged students to use solar energy products at home. The aim of the activity was to expose the students to green energy from an early age.