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"Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most."


A Special Assembly was called for the entire school to develop a feeling of unity among all the students and share responsibility for the cause of conservation and judicious use of water and electricity.  It also served as a powerful motivator for the entire school to instill discipline and also to set a joyful and focused tone for the theme ‘Save Water- Save Future’. The skit hit the right chord with the audience. Though hilarious and light-hearted it conveyed a serious message focusing on the scarcity of water and the subsequent consequences faced by the next generation. Students were also enlightened on the havoc that could follow if adequate measures are not taken up in conserving water resources. Taking a new route to inculcate a sense of responsibility the campaign was stepped up by the flash mob. The assembly was well planned to contribute greatly to the community culture of the school and pass on positive values. The students took a pledge to ‘save water and never waste it’. They also promised to be vigilant and maintain a monthly record of the water checklist provided by the school. The purpose of the assembly was to bring each child together to identify, share and foster greater solidarity over a global cause.

The students responsibility of spreading awareness was not restricted to just their peers but extended to the general public as well. They staged their theatrical performance on a public platform in the neighbourhood areas to raise awareness in all levels of the society about importance of saving water to cope with its scarcity and ensure sustainability. The aim was to change people’s attitude and behaviour to improve water use efficiency. The flash mob also made its entry to attract maximum attention for the cause. Survey forms and checklists were handed out to parents which they filled enthusiastically. Posters were displayed in nearby societies. The aim of the activity was to spread awareness after self realization and enable the children develop language and communication skills and build confidence. The activity also enabled the children to nurture lifelong friendship and develop creativity.