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Wednesday, 21 August, 2019



Classes IX & X

Dear Parent 

CBSE has now begun the procedure for registration of candidates for Class IX (2019-20) and finalization of list of candidates for Class X Exam 2020. At this crucial juncture, we would like to apprise you once again regarding relevant CBSE circulars issued from time to time, the gist of which is as follows:

  1. Class IX and X is an integrated course. Students need to take only those subjects in class IX which they intend to continue in class X.
  2. The Secondary School Curriculum prescribed by CBSE is available on the website:
  3. Introduction of two levels of Mathematics for All  India  Secondary School Examination from the academic session ending March, 2020 onwards. CBSE has provided nomenclature for two examinations - Mathematics Standard for existing level of exam and Mathematics Basic for easy level of examination. The Standard level of Mathematics is meant for students who wish to opt for Mathematics at Senior Secondary Level and the Basic level of Mathematics would be for the students who do not want to pursue Mathematics at Senior Secondary Level. Refer CBSE website link:
  4. Atleast 75% attendance in an academic session is required to be eligible to appear for the classes IX, X, XI & XII examination. Candidates taking up a subject(s) involving practical examination are also required to have put in at least 75% of the total attendance for practical work in the subject in the laboratory for details refer:'s%20for%20Condonationof%20Shortage%20of%20Attendance.pdf
  5. Parents to check and verify that the spellings of student's, mother's, father's name and date of birth are correct as per the admission records and ensure that the same match with their Aadhar cards. In case of variation, if any, contact school Admn. Office.
  6. Parents are advised to check the recently launched CBSE’s online portal for board students wherein sample question papers, study material etc are available.
  7. CBSE has published an e book Compendium of careers after Class XII which can be referred to while choosing stream for your ward after class X

With regards